Monday, August 25, 2008

Los Angeles, CA: LACMA

The Chicano Collection includes 26 pieces of art collected by Cheech Marin and is showing at the LA County Museum of Art. We stopped here to see the collection before heading to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. The collection was amazing! My favorites are below:

Wayne Alaniz Healy - Una Tarde en Maoqui (1991). The 3D texture of the work, the vibrant colors, and the subject matter, FOOD, drew me to this painting.

Roberto Gutierrez - Rooftops over East L.A. (2005). In contrast with all of the other artist featured in the collection at LACMA, Gutierrez uses a more solemn grayscale colorblock that still manages to make East LA seem lively.

If you cannot make it to LA see the slideshow here.

photo credit: Healy and Gutierrez pictures from The Chicano Collection website

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