Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend: Sequoia National Park, CA

I cannot believe that today is already Tuesday. I took a long weekend to go backpacking in Sequoia National Park, CA. The trip was well worth the long 7 hour drive on the 5 that takes you straight through LA. Look forward to some more posts about backpacking gear, weekend trips, and recipes for when you are out on the trail with only a backpacking stove. I am a beginner backpacker though I have lots of outdoor experience and grew up car camping for almost every family vacation. Backpacking has its own set of challenges and the one that I find most frustrating is the food. Specifically, what to cook for dinner when you have one pot and burner and a stove whose temperature had only one setting - high.

photo credit: bell tent by Zephyr Tents found via Frolic

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