Thursday, September 11, 2008

Backpacking: Dinner

All the backpacking dinners I have had are nothing to write home about. Dinners have been planed and seem to be good in concept but I am always disappointed. Fortunately, I have mastered the after-dinner hot cocoa made with mexican hot chocolate (no dried milk).

I need backpacking dinner inspiration. Here are the constraints: all ingredients must not need refrigeration; we have a backpacking stove and the only heat setting is high so no simmering or cooking things for 20 minutes; everything must be cooked in one sitting, no turning the stove on, off, and then on again; everything must be cooked in one pot. What is your favorite backpacking dinner?

photo credit: Cayenne on the Twin Lakes trip, Sequoia, CA. You can see our tent through the trees.

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