Friday, September 12, 2008

Backpacking: Food Prep Gear

Since I have completely failed on the backpacking dinner recipes, I do have a lightweight cooking gear setup for you. A stove is a must. We have an MRS dragonfly stove, which works fine but the simmer setting on the Simmerlight is very appealing. I think being able to simmer food will expand our dinner options. The egg holder is luxury but a good one. For two people, six eggs fed us breakfast and dinner on a 2 night/3 day trip.

I got TEB the Orikaso folding bowl as an anniversary present. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical but the bowl was easy to fold, clean, and pack. There are many utensil options I just happen to like the looks of the spork. I also bring it to work so that I don't have to use the disposible plasticwear from the cafeteria. Centrifuge tubes work fantastically for bringing in cooking oil. They don't leak at all.

The spice shaker is another luxury but worth hauling in an extra couple of ounces. I mentioned the mexican hot cocoa yesterday. I use the 8 oz PC nalgene, screw top round bottle to keep the hot cocoa warm while I eat dinner. The Bamboo Wooden Rice spoon is lightweight and useful for making dinners. We bring all this gear and an extra spork for the two of us. I will probably get another orikaso bowl and maybe a folding, plastic laddle for scooping out hot water.

MRS SimmerLight Backpacking Stove; Coghlan's Six Egg Holder; Orikaso Bowl picture from Backpack Gear Test; Light My Fire Spork; Centrifuge Tubes; Kenyon Multi Spice Shaker; 8 oz PC Jar; Bamboo Wooden Rice Spoon


Dicentra said...

Centrifuge tubes?! What a neat idea!! :)

Cayenne said...

they really work!