Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Inspiration: Casch Copenhagen

I regret to this day not buying the funnell neck sweater when I first saw it in an Anthropologie store a few years ago. Since then I have eyed several Casch Copenhagen pieces but have yet to actually purchase one. I love the clean lines, the off-set buttons and the simplicity of the designs. The cons are winning at the moment since I live in a place where the average temperature is 70 degress year-round and I am allergic to wool. Once I move to a cooler climate where I can layer a long sleeve t-shirt underneath the sweaters, a CASCH item will be one of the first things on my credit - top: funnel neck sweater found here; middle: gray boatneck, lace-like sweather found on Zeitgeist Yarns; bottom: (left) oatmeal varigated button sweater found on ebay ends in 2 days; all other images torn from old Anthropologie catalogs

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