Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Road Trip: The Drive

Driving is my least favorite part of roadtrips. I would rather be the passenger than the driver but there are few things that do help keep me alert when I have to drive:

1. Caffeine - with my requisite stop at In-n-Out Burger all I need is my coke with a squeeze of fresh lemon and I am set for a few hours.

2. Audiobooks - my mom got me into listening to audiobooks and I think that I now go through one a week. On the birthday roadtrip we listened to "Life of Pi," which I highly recommend. Books with some action and shorter chapters work best when listening on the road. On our Sequoia trip we listened to The Journals of Lewis and Clark.

3. Roadtrip Games - On my PhD backpacking trip to the Eastern Sierras we named car "makes" from A to Z. For example, for "E" I named the Ford expedition. If you are in a trafficy place you can make it infinitely harder by making the rule that you have to see each of the car makes before they count. Another good idea is to bring the cards from a trivia game. I remember playing 20 questions, "I spy", and keeping a travel journal as kid on roadtrips. I am looking for some knew games so comment if you have a favorite. Check this list of road trip games.

photo credit: California Surf Wagons II by jermaister

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