Tuesday, October 21, 2008

San Diego, CA: Got Pho?

Last night I had pho for the first time. delicious. Get yourself to Pho Sao Bien in Pacific Beach for the best 6$ dinner you have had in a long time.

Pho Sao Bien
1958 Garnet Ave (between Morrell and Lamont Streets)

I am so smitten that I might need to make myself one of these t-shirts, which you can buy from cafepress.

photo credit: chicken pho image found on steamy kitchen


ys said...

Too bad I never tried this place when I was in SD... If you're ever in the mood for fake-meat pho, try Sipz's pho with meat strips (not fish balls or tofu).

eMpTy said...

this place is by far the best pho in san diego. i miss it. practically i think i ate there every other week when i lived in SD.

i did recently fine a decent pho place in salt lake city but it doesn't even compare.