Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fairbanks, AK: Roasting Chesnuts

My time in Fairbanks has been jam-packed. Yesterday I took my niece to her swimming lessons. I was proud of her for jumping off the diving board with no fear. Then we stopped by Alaskaland (AKA Pioneer Park) to ride the old, miners' train that was decorated for the holiday season. The train ride was free and they had cookies, hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts for all the riders. Even though I have seen plenty of roasted chestnuts on the sidewalks of New York City, I have never tried one.

The best part was that they warmed up my cold fingers. They looked like miniature brains when the soft shell was peeled off. The flesh was distinctly meaty....similar to ham. Read about roasting chestnuts in asian countries
here. The french specialty, marron glace, is a sweeter chestnut.

What can you make with chestnuts? how about this recipe: brussel sprouts and chesnuts in brown butter by Smitten Kitchen.

photo credit: Roasting by vamom7678

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