Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Fruit Salad by Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen posted this beautifully simple Winter Fruit Salad recipe a few weeks ago and I knew that it was something for us to try while in Alaska. It is hard to get fresh ripe fruit up in the AK during the winter so the combination of dried ingredients and fresh pears makes this salad perfect for the frozen north. I confess that I did bring with me the dried figs, dried apricots, star anise, and vanilla bean but I think the only thing that might be harder to find is the dried figs.

We tried to follow the recipe but of course made some changes (click above to see the entire recipe on the Smitten Kitchen website):

1. I doubled the amount of figs and also quartered the apricots

2. I used a regular lemon and a honeycrisp apple (my current favorite apple that I brought with me from San Diego)

3. We did not peel the apples or the pears and I was happy with that but I also buy organic so do what you are comfortable with

4. We made the salad about 11 am and then served it about 6:30p and it was fine so if you forget to marinate the salad overnight don't worry about it

I also notice that there were a few comments on the Smitten Kitchen post regarding the anise. Now I actually did not know what star anise was nor did I know that it was licorice-flavored, which is a flavor that I usually avoid. We went ahead with using the star anise because a lot of people like it. It turns out that the licorice flavor is extremely mild, so much so that you could barely tell it was there. I would would definitely make this again. The salad was a hit at my family's potluck-style thanksgiving dinner which says a lot because they tend to shy away from new dishes.

photo credit: winter fruit salad by smitten kitchen

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