Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Nordic Bed: Down Comforter and Duvet Covers

One of the best night's sleep I have had recently was at the Lingonberry Farms, see my post here. Before going to bed, I opened the windows so it was super cold and the bed had a fluffy down comforter to keep me toasty warm. I am thinking about recreating this in my own bedroom. It won't be as cold but I think that I can remedy this issue with a lightweight down comforter.

Right now I am using an old down comforter that is a little too small so someone is always left out in the cold, more often than is me. I use the european-style bedding setup - where you have a bottom sheet but no top sheet just the duvet cover. The bed is super easy to make and there is no fussing with hospital corners.

Down Comforters - there are many options out there for down comforters. I took some simple advice from this Apartment Therapy post:
1. Cheaper is not better -
down is not sustainable but it lasts for 30 years, so you want high quality.
2. Best
down is from Europe or Canada - if it is not specified then assume it is lower quality (likely from China)
3. Look for baffle-box construction - box-stitched is not the same thing
4. Look for higher loft - the more air between the pieces of
down and the better performance

I am considering these options:
Pacific Coast Feather Company (Seattle-based)
A medium warmth, queen size comforter from PCFC runs about 200$.

Feathered Friends (handmade in Seattle)
This looks like a great option but will definitely be an investment. The baffle box construction is ~300$ for a queen.

Duvet Covers - I am looking for something white or with a strong white background. I think something this neutral can be kept for a long time and just small changes will alter the entire look of the bedroom. Organic cotton would be nice and of course the cheaper the better. If I had a sewing machine I would just sew together two flat sheets and add some snaps or grommets to keep the end closed. In the meantime I like the options below.
Unison Porter Bedding at Public Design

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