Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Road Trip Part II: Point Reyes, CA

After a long day of driving we made it to Point Reyes Stations, CA. This small town in Marin County is beautiful and its central location make it perfect for checking out the nearby town of Inverness. My first introduction to this area that is across the Golden Gate Bridge was from a posting on Snippet & Ink. I love the picture above from Manka's Inverness Lodge.

I thought this area would be fun to explore further. We stayed at a cute Swedish bed and breakfast, Lingonberry Farm, where we ate pickled herring and swedish pancakes for breakfast.

Point Reyes Lighthouse was our first stop. We got lucky that it was cloud-free but really windy out there. I think there were about 500 steps to climb back up.
If you are out this way definitely make a stop at Drake's Beach for lunch (there is actually a restaurant out there but we bright sandwiches). The beach is beautiful and there are lots of driftwood nooks that my sister and I would have loved to play in when we were little.
We closed out this busy day with dinner at the Station House Cafe. This place was a total surprise but it served American-style food made from local and organic produce. My artichoke was delicious and the vanilla malt was better than In-n-Out shakes, and you know of my love for In-n-Out. We passed at least 6 dairy farms on our way out to the lighthouse so I could not resist trying the milkshake made from local milk, fortunately I had my lactose pills with me.

This is part of the Birthday Road Trip Series, see part I and the Drive.

photo credit: Manka's Inverness Lodge fireplace by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, found via Snippet & Ink; Lingonberry Farm breakfast room; Point Reyes lighthouse by TEB 09.21.08; cow by TEB 09.21.08

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