Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cayenne's Holiday Wish List: #3 Block Chromatics Dishware

I found this vintage German dishware via Leah's More Ways to Waste Time blog. I love the unusual convex and concave shapes, stack-ability, and the mismatched colors. I was always jealous of my aunt's collection of mismatched colored fiestaware and Block Chromatics would be the perfect way to emulate that same theme.

I do worry about whether or not those cups are comfortable in the hand and if the bowls are deep enough to actually eat soup out of. But that is why I would like a few mismatched pieces so that I can try out their functionality myself.

An ebay search for "block chromatics" brings up a bunch of single pieces. I hear they are a bit difficult to find in antique stores.

photo credit: O at Home article on actress Jennifer Carpenter's kitchen, found via More Ways to Waste Time

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