Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inspiration: Dining Rooms

During dinner with TEB's aunt and uncle we were asked, "what color do you think we should paint the dining room?" I surprised myself with an immediate answer of "midnight blue!"

I think it was prompted by the comment that they wanted a colorful hanging pendant for over the dining room and I had just saved a picture of a bedroom with deep navy blue walls. I think it would be perfect but might be a little too bold for some tastes, even my own. I tried to find a few alternatives like the deep dusky purple shown above that changes from being more grey to more purple as the light levels change throughout the day. Or potentially a true grey like in the above dining room with the beautiful collection of plates. Here you could make the chairs a focal point by upholstering them in different colorful fabrics.

Lastly, what about using a dark color on an accent wall or the ceiling. The splash of lemon yellow really brightens up the kitchen/dining room above and would work well with their idea of a colorful pendant over their Scandinavian wood table.

photo credit: deep dusky purple (benjamin moore's vintage charm) in the sneak peak of rena tom's home on Design*Sponge; Oh! New Chairs in abchao's dining room painted grey (similar to benjamin moore's stone); navy accent wall in skona hem and found via Apartment Therapy


gotomakan said...

I love that light wood dining room table.

Cayenne said...

The notes say it is IKEA and after a quick search I think it is the norden dining table: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50116871

Most likely in solid birch, $279.00