Friday, January 2, 2009

2009: DETOX

To start 2009 with a clean slate I am going to do my first DETOX! My friend and I are going to follow the 7 day menu outlined in the latest GOOP newsletter, see it here. This was just the motivation I needed and the menu makes it easier, though does not make the concept any less scary. I fear I won't be able to finish it but having a friend to commiserate with is going to help, I'm sure.

My fridge is empty (a good thing when doing a DETOX) because it has not been restocked since we got back from all our holiday traveling. Today we are going grocery shopping to avoid putting ourselves in a tempting situation during the week. I will be posting daily about the experience.

If you are motivated to join me, please do and leave comments too. I think this is going to be hard but worth it after all the holiday eating. Cheers to a great 2009 and the start of DETOX tomorrow!

Wish me luck,

p.s. if you have not checked out gwyneth paltrow's newsletter GOOP yet, go do it. You can sign up here.

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Baddha Padmasana by gosia janik

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MFM said...

HI. I am also just staring my first detox and have chosen Gwyneth's as well since it doesn't seem as strict as others. Unfortunately she took down the news letter and I didn't think to save the daily menus or recipes. By any chance do you have them? If so could you email them to me at I would appreciate it so much. Its great to read about other people's experiences on hard diets and I will keep you updated on mine. Thanks!