Saturday, January 3, 2009

Detox: Preparation

I wanted to share my detox experience with you each day and I have some advice for even before you might start. A bit more time to prepare and to gather ALL the ingredients is helpful. I ended up going to 3 different grocery stores but in retrospect I could have just gone to whole foods.

In particular these were the items that I could only find at whole foods:
rice/hemp protein powder
progreens w/ probiotics
sweet white miso
barley miso
mirin (sweet rice wine)
50 grams bonito dried flakes
dried wakame flakes

We caught the MILK movie on Friday night and the last carb-food I ate was buttered popcorn. That might be the first food I eat next Saturday morning when I'm done with this whole detox thing.

{background} I am doing the 7 day detox from Gwyneth Paltrow's newletter Goop. You can see all my posts here and check out the recipes and menus here.

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