Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little People: Playtime Tents

I saw this fun play tent over at DesignMom and immediately emailed my mom to see if she thought it would be hard to make. Mom said, "Sure we can make that out of stuff in my stash." This is a perfect project for the stash pile. Yay for a fun project, now all I need to do is get to Alaska!
The green-leaf fabric looks familiar...IKEA?
The flags are a great touch. Here are a some easy directions for making a fabric garland at Purl Bee.

photo credit: etsy seller Mignon who makes this neat greenhouse tent. there are a few tents available for sale now.

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gotomakan said...

I love it! Especially the leaf material. You can come out here and make one out of my stash. It's a lot closer than Alaska. :-) And you could hit Moab on the way!