Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bedroom: Removable Wall Decals

All the walls in my bedroom are blank. With the recent switch to white curtains to match the white duvet, the entire room is a bit too white. Since we are renting, painting is not an option so I was thinking about wall decals. These were a big hit in recent years and come in a number of different styles, are removable, and even sometimes re-stickable.

Ferm Living has a couple organic, natural images that I think would be calming in the bedroom. My favorite is "branches." Above is the "powerbirds" also from Ferm.
Wall Candy Art makes neat stick-on chalkboard that I was thinking about for the front of the fridge.Holly of Decor8 has a great roundup here. Most seem pretty pricey but check out these DIY wall decal instructions at CasaSugar. Or find an etsy seller. There are many but check out ShaNickers and EllyNelly.

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