Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chile: Patagonian Fjords

I have given you a little tour of the Navimag ferry that we lived on for 4 day as we sailed through the Patagonian Fjords. Now here is a little taste of what we saw on our journey and what you can look forward too if you venture this far south. LMD likened the scenery to the fjords of Norway and our new friend EM said the terrain was similar to New Zealand. Just go to Chile people, it is much cheaper!
The majority of the trip it rained. Some of that misty stuff and the straight-up downpour type. We walked the decks anyways to take pictures and breath in the fresh air. Since the weather changes every 10 minutes in southern Chile we were constantly running outdoors to catch the 20 seconds of rainbows (I've never seen so many in a 4 day period) and the beautify cloud patterns. Most lasted just long enough for you to pull out your camera and hurriedly snap a pic before they disappeared.
Near the end of the trip we passed by this serene glacier. The wind blew a bit colder and the water turned a frosty grey as we neared the glacier. We froze standing on the deck in the hopes that some large shard of baby blue ice would calf into the water below. No such luck but I've seen much larger glaciers calf in Alaska so I was not too upset over the seemingly stationary state of this Chilean glacier (no idea what the name was called).
Cayenne (left) and LMD (right) gazing at glacier

{recap: I traveled to Chile during the month of February. I was distracted these past few months and am only now getting to post about my experience in South America. Click here to see all my posts about this fantastic Ph.D. Trip}

photo credit: Cayenne and LMD 02.09.09 - 02.12.09

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