Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Natural Soda: Pepsi Natural

I don't often drink soda but when I do it is coke. If a restaurant only serves pepsi then I go with water. How is it then that I find myself with a 4-pack of the new Pepsi Natural?

It has real cane sugar and am more dedicated to limiting the amount of high fructose corn syrup that goes into my body than sticking to my brand coke. If coke sold their South American version that has cane sugar in the US, then I would be buying their product. I found Pepsi Natural to have a smooth taste that was more mild than the original pepsi or coke. I'm sold and the bottles are cute too. In Fairbanks you can find Pepsi Natural at the local Fred Meyers (see locations below).

Looking for some insightful documentaries on the corn industry? check out: King Corn and The Future of Food. I am still waiting for Food, Inc. to be available on Netflix.

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photo credit: Pepsi Natural by Tom Carmony


eMpTy said...

You can buy the South American verison of Coke that has sugar cane in Salt Lake! I agree it is delicious.

gotomakan said...

I would like to point out how the government's obsession with ethanol has increased world hunger because of the price of corn going up. I'll try to post some links on my facebook to articles that discuss this.