Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Inspiration: The Ideal Bed Frame {UPDATED}

Jeremy Levine's Eagle Rock bedroom, seen in last month's Dwell. Really it is the bed frame that we admire for its sleek design and what we think are drawers underneath (but hard to tell).

{UPDATE: heard directly from J. Levine that those are drawers underneath the bed! The bed is made as a collaborative project between his firm and
Workshop Neirman-Smith. See full details of the HULL bed here} After scouring the internet, I've come to the conclusion that most beds are crap -- made from particle board, are ornately decorated, or have a footprint that far exceeds its queen-size mattress. I did find a few alternatives in case I just cannot track down a J. Levine replica.

San Francisco, CA:
First up are the beds by Ohio Design, which I saw on an AT post for Good Hotel in SF (side note - next time I'm in SF, I'm staying here).
Christiane and the LW

Los Angeles:
Cliff Spencer makes a beautiful adult bed. But their bamboo children's beds are more my speed. If only they did not have foot-boards...Portland, OR:
Back up north we go to check out Delia Furniture, etsy store here. Can you believe this bed is entirely made of steel. The headboard looks like wood or leather to me and each affordable bed is oxidized making no two beds alike.
photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design bedroom inside and outside


Cayenne said...

{updated} i just saw this amenity bed made from refurbished douglas fir: http://www.branchhome.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=519

it might be just the thing, if a queen size mattress will fit on a full size frame to make the footprint exactly the size of the mattress...

gotomakan said...

I LOVE your taste Koosh! This is our bed, http://eq3.com/cat-eq3/process/locale/en_US/currency/en_US/page/3030-415.html

We got the light wood, and an upholstered headboard. I love it.