Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celebrate: Walnut Wood Bed Frame

Finally, there is an end to the bed saga. I had sorta given up on finding a bed, until of course I found the perfect bed. Within 3 days the new bed frame was installed in our bedroom.

The new bed frame with evening sun coming through the window.

Now lets get into some of the specs on this wonderful bed. It was made by a local (Long Beach, CA) craftsman named Peter and I feel truly lucky to own one of his pieces. The bed is perfect: solid walnut wood, low profile, small footprint, industrial strength brackets to hold it together with easy deconstruction for moving. Peter designs and builds simple, modern furniture that is very versatile.

Check out the square post legs (similar to the Anders bed from Room & Board) and the swirling grain of the headboard.

My home is a bit of eclectic mid century modern and the bed fits right in. Check out Peter's blog, Pete's Furniture, for a peek into his wood working world. I personally fell in love with the teak booster seat, as I am part of the 1% of the population who will issue a ban on any neon colored plastic junk from entering the house.I really could not be happier about our new bed. Now off to get some zzz's!

photo credit: Cayenne 09.26.09


O'malley said...

Love the bed and the chair that you use as a night-stand.

gotomakan said...

I love it too! I really like how the legs are inset a little bit from the sides of the bed. I love our bed, but the legs sit right on the corner, and I always bump my knees on them.

Cayenne said...

thanks guys, i love it too! The chair is from my favorite mid century secondhand shop in hillcrest.

quilt credit: made by my mom, titled "phd quilt"

Pete and Jana Deeble said...

The bed looks incredible in your room Cayenne. Thanks for the great post- I linked it to my blog.