Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inspiration: DIY Bed

After being very dissatisfied with the particle board beds in our price range and swooning over budget busting, but beautiful hardwood bed frame pieces, we moved onto brainstorming how we could DIY a new bed.

We started at the cheapest price point and thought we could scavenge some used wood pallets, sand them down, and repaint them for a little bit of shabby chic. Sounds good in theory but we quickly realized that we did not have the space to do a full on sanding job for some 8+ pallets. We also have a relatively small bedroom (think room for just the bed and nightstands) and there is NO WAY to configure pallets so that they are the same footprint as a queen mattress (trust me on this, we spent hours adding numbers). Pallets were out.

Then we thought we could hire a local wood craftsman(woman) to make us a super simple bed frame from reclaimed wood. We sourced wood from Reclaimed Wood Products in LA and contemplated using wood flooring or counter tops for the headboard. Really it would have been easy for my dad to make but he was all the way in Alaska.

Once I had pretty much given up on finding a bed, Apartment Therapy LA scavenger posted their favorite picks, I saw exactly what we were looking for. Coming up next, the big reveal and the first time I show you a room in my house.

Images from the new online magazine Lonny!

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