Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend: Creatures of Buck Mountain

Welcome to the house on top of Buck Mountain (Orcas Island, WA). I wanted to show you some of the hidden creatures at TEB's parents' house.
A small Velkommen sign welcomed us to this mountain top retreat. On the left you can see the outline of a wood dragon that protects the main house. I think this is a traditional wood-style that is found on Norwegian churches.
This handmade viking ship sits atop the stone mantle in the main house (there are 3 other small buildings: a guest house + sauna, a cache, and a studio). TEB's grandfather in Norway hand carved this replica.

When sitting and joying the hot tub, super nice when it is foggy and the wind it blustering, Mr. Turnip-head (Orcas Island Pottery) is reminding you to keep those pine needles out of that toasty warm water. From one of the main house windows you will find Saint Francis of Assisi looking in. As the patron saint of animals he keeps the squirrels and deer safe.

photo credit: Cayenne 11.26.09 Orcas Island, WA

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