Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend: Rain, rain, go away...

view out of the public library windows

I suspect that Juneau will feel more like home once I stop waking up in the morning with the hope that it is not raining. It is does not ultimately bother me too much because the fog is beautiful and so are the mountains-at least the terrain is spectacular. Also I think that once one has the right gear, the weather fades more into the background. I wear my gortex jacket and hunter rain boots everywhere.

At the moment our flat does not have internet. We have to rely on the public library and 2 coffeeshop/bakeries in town to get our internet fix. Unfortunately, all options are very limited hours and often close by early evening. I'll try to post when I can but posting will probably be pretty light during the week.

photo credit: Cayenne 01.16.2010

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