Saturday, January 16, 2010

Juneau: Room with a View

view out my window, looking left and right

Here is the view from my bedroom window on the day I arrived in Juneau, Wednesday, January 13th. It was taken about 3p in the afternoon and it had just dumped a foot or so of snow, yet it was raining at the time. Much of the this snow has since melted, as it has rained everyday since Wednesday.

The land mass you see just to the right of the concrete building is Douglas Island. During low tide one could walk across to this island but there is also a bridge. I hear that you can also ski along the west side of the island, not sure about the snow conditions since it seems pretty wet to me. I love that I can see the water out my window and to the east we butt right up against the mountains.

I'm happy this place is diabolically opposite of my hometown of Fairbanks. It is dry, dry, dry in Fairbanks and we have snow like sand that sparkles like diamonds. Juneau has fuffy, wet and perfect-for-making-snowmen-snow.

photo credit: Cayenne 01.13.2010

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