Saturday, March 13, 2010

Celebrate: Cherry Blossoms

Just one week ago I was en-route home from DC (more on that later). The flight schedule is such that it takes two days to get to Juneau, via an over-night-stop in Seattle. I was a little tired at this point after spending a day running around DC looking at the sights and then a 5 hour plane flight.

When I walked into the Cedarbrook Lodge lobby there was TEB - he had flown in from San Diego just so we could spend an evening together. I was so surprised. It is not often that I am completely unaware of something like that but it was totally off my radar and it was wonderful.

By the way, if you are even in need of somewhere to stay within 5 minutes of the Sea-Tac Airport then stay at Cedarbook. It is next to a bird estuary and the design is very modern, sustainable cabin. They also have hot breakfast and serve only locally grown food.

photo credit: Cayenne 03.06.10

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