Sunday, March 14, 2010

Movie Night: AVATAR in 3D IMAX

Right before I moved from 300 days of sun to 300 days of rain, TEB and I went up to Irvine to see AVATAR on the super big IMAX screen in 3D. It was an absolutely amazing experience and totally worth the 2-3 hours of motion sickness that I suffered on the drive home. At least I did not throw up like I saw some people doing outside the movie theater. Irvine Spectrum, where we saw the movie, is 66'x90' and Edwards Mira Mesa (biggest in SD County) is 36'x58', so ~1/3 the size. Read more about film formats here.Avatar was nominated for 9 academy awards and they won for best cinematography, art direction, and visual effects. The Avatar world was amazing and completely stretched the imagination. Good thing the cinematography was so phenomenal because the plot was hard to stomach. It was the classical story of colonization where the white man saves the indigenous people from being wiped out by the other white men.

photo credit: crowd watching Avatar by Adobe MAX Conference, IMAX comparison images from cinematical

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