Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enzo Mari: Le Mela and La Pera

Remember my pear fabric purchase? Well, I was seriously disappointed. Not because there was anything wrong with the Marimekko pear fabric but because I failed to notice how large it was. There was no place for us to put it in our entire apartment. I passed it onto TEB's mom so there was no big loss. I am still looking something to brighten up the kitchen and I am loving the le mela apple print pictured below. SJP's kitchen first seen on NIBS and recently reminded by Black Eiffel. Purchase La Pera or Le Mela from KIDonNY or Nova68. Both are quite pricey but if you are willing to go for a poster, instead of a print, then the price drops by 50$.

photo credit: le mela and la pera from

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