Monday, September 15, 2008

Travel: All-in-one Soaps

I have been blogging quite a bit about backpacking gear and this is not one of the items I pack for a backcountry trip, but I think it might be good for backpacking traveling. With the new airline rules about only checking one bag I think the soap bar is a nonliquid and might not count toward your quart bag limit.

I am testing a few all-in-one soap products for the Ph.D. trip, see posts here and here. I love products that multi-task so this soap is right up my alley.

First up, I have Woody's Meat and Potatoes Cleansing bar, price 10.95$. It has a nondescript smell and the bar is huge. I can barely hold it in one hand - this was clearly made for men or those with larger hands. So far so good.Second, I bought Burt's Bees Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar, price 6.00$. I have yet to try this one and it does not say that it is body soap but I am going to try it.Third, the Keys Windsurfer Soap is not a soap bar but a multi-tasking liquid that lathers in salt water and in fresh water while being biodegradable. Still working on testing this one, price 13.95$ for 8 oz.Finally, the Solid Shampoo Bar by ShopRedLeaf on etsy. I am going to have to order this one in the BEACH scent and it comes with its own travel tin, price 11.00$. There are a lot of other shampoo bar options on etsy, I just chose the ShopRedLeaf one because of the tin.

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