Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just cannot keep the Ph.D. trip quiet any longer (read about the foiled NZ trip here and the short list here).

LMD and I are going to PATAGONIA!! The trip has been planned for months (plane there and back anyhow) and now we are close enough to actually plan the trip a bit more.

We fly into Santiago, Chile for a few days before jumping on a bus down to Puerto Montt. From Puerto Montt we are taking a ferry through the fijords to Puerto Natales. P. Natales is the starting point for those individuals hiking the W circuit. We are going to hike half the circuit (the easier half) going from hut to hut. The actual hiking should take about a week and then we fly back to Santiago and onto Panama City, Panama. It just so happens that we arrive in Panama for the start of Carnival! 5 days in Panama City before flying back to the States.

We will be gone the entire month of February, all in the name of earning the Ph.D. :-)

photo credit: Torres del Paine by Madra Rau


ys said...

Awesome. Does LMD have her PhD already?

Cayenne said...

not yet, but if she gets one of the jobs she applied for then she will defend by the end of spring quarter. we will sorta be splitting the difference.