Thursday, January 8, 2009

Detox: Day 6

As I near the end of Detox Day 6, I don't think that I have ever been so excited about BROWN rice. As a kid, we only ate brown rice. White rice was the special stuff that we got to eat when we went out to dinner, which was not very often. To this day, I love sushi rice and the white and wild rice mixed together but that love does not extend to the brown variety...until DETOX entered my life. Welcome back good ol' brown rice, my first grains in 6 days.

Detox Day 6 Menu:
7am (or upon rising): Glass of room temperature lemon water
8am: Herbal tea
10am (breakfast): Blueberry and Almond Smoothie
11:30am: Coconut water
1:30pm (lunch): Mixed Greens with Steamed Salmon, Olive Oil & Lemon Juice
4pm (snack): Super Greens Juice
6pm (dinner): Detox Teriyaki Chicken, brown rice, steamed zucchini

My menu today looks nothing like the original "suggested" menu because I did not plan enough salmon for 2 more servings and when I made the special trip to Whole Foods this morning they were plum out of salmon. Picked up some organic, free range chicken instead and will still have to improvise something for tomorrow's dinner.

Cayenne's Real Menu:
9am (or upon rising): Glass of room temperature lemon water + vitamins
10am: Green tea
11am (breakfast): Peach/cherry almond smoothie
1:30pm: Yoga (ashtanga vinyasa)
3pm (snack): celery and carrot sticks
4pm (snack): Ginger, Carrot, Beet Juice
7pm (snack): Miso soup with watercress
9pm (dinner): Detox Teriyaki Chicken, brown rice, steamed zucchini

{background} I am doing the 7 day detox from Gwyneth Paltrow's newletter Goop. You can see all my posts here and check out the recipes and menus here.


Carla said...

Hey Cayenne,
Thanks for getting back to me. They put the newsletter back up, so I am good to go!

elizabeth said...

ive been considering starting the detox on the Goop site too. Think I may actually make a lot of changes to fit my own tastes, but it definitely inspired me to go detox for the new year. Thanks for chronicling this, it's really helpful!